Getting to your teacher's home or accommodation

Taxi transfer

We can arrange for a taxi to meet you and take you directly to your teacher's home from most airports in the UK. If you do not choose to use a taxi transfer service then we will advise you of the nearest bus or rail station to the home of your teacher.

Travelling by bus in the UK

National Express is the name of the network of express buses (called coaches) that operate between many towns and airports in the UK. Taking a National Express coach is usually cheaper than taking the train and can be more convenient from many locations.

To use a National Express coach to get to your teacher's home, we recommended that you buy a ticket in advance on the internet before you arrive in the UK. You can do this from the National Express website. This will guarantee you have a reserved seat on the coach you have booked.

At many airports (all London airports have booking offices) and large towns you can also buy tickets from National Express booking offices. Please note that if you wait to buy your ticket until you arrive at an airport, there may not be any seats available on the coach.

Where there are no ticket offices or the ticket office is closed, you can buy a ticket (if seats are available) from the driver but you must have the correct money exactly (cash only). 

If your flight is late and you miss your reserved coach, National Express will try to give you a seat on the next coach. Please note that the next coach may be full and no seats may be available.

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